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As an extension of my type specimen book, I designed a website that discusses the history of the Futura typeface. The site also features a typographical comparison between the original typeface and one of the digital versions of Futura by Paratype, a Russian type foundry. 

Futura Web Design Screens

To view the entire website, watch the video down below.

Futura Website Prototype



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Books I used for this project

During this project, I investigated Paul Renner's development of Futura and the significance Futura had on the changing nature of typography. Above are the books I used for this project. From there, I designed a type specimen that highlights the key attributes of Futura


As I developed the website of Futura's continued development in the digital space, I pulled the visuals from my type specimen (see below). I used photo imagery as a form and as apart of text to give the website a more contemporary but experimental feel. The use of split-screen allows me to compare Renner's 1927 Futura and Paratype's 2015 Futura PT efficiently. 

My Futura Type Specimen Book as Inspiration for My Web Design


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