Global: Young and Bold

Based on Planned Parenthood Global Initiatives

My Role

Visual Design, Branding + Identity, Research,  Video Editing, Mobile Design

Tools Used


A multifaceted digital campaign created to engage, increase, and promote adolescents' knowledge about what they can do to protect their sexual health and wellness.


This project includes a mobile application, web and social media banners, and educational videos that will help young people age 25 and under obtain the information they need to live safe but empowered lives.

Global: Young and Bold Instagram Posts

Global: Young and Bold App Prototype

Global: Young and Bold Infoclips




Many politicians and activists debate whether Planned Parenthood should continue to be funded by the United States government. So far, Planned Parenthood is heavily active in the United States and some parts of Africa and Latin America.


Since more people want to learn more about sexual health, it is crucial to develop a campaign to extend this global effort to other countries who may not have quick access to this information.

Technology is a growing aspect of our lives. Making this campaign in a multimedia format is an effective method to target young people because they actively interact with this form of media the most.

Global: Young and Bold Infoclips


I looked into Planned Parenthood Global and International Planned Parenthood Federation as a starting point to gather more information. I investigated my target audience, young people ages 25 and under, and their current understanding and retrieval of obtaining sexual health. Today, technology connects young people together and provides opportunities for them to seek information on their own, free from judgment. 

Big Takeaways from My Research 

  • The Global Gag Rule places a threat against Title X and Planned Parenthood operation.

  • Many people will lose access to sexual/reproductive services, resources, and health treatments.

  • Globally, young people under 25 will be affected the most by the Global Gag Rule.

  • Attitudes and behaviors towards sexual health are impacted by factors such as culture, society, media, and religion.

  • Mobile apps, video clips, digitals ads, and social media platforms are growing methods used to target young people globally to help increase their sexual health awareness.


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Not all young people have access to information on sexual health and wellness around the globe. They are more susceptible to early pregnancy, forced marriage, abortion, and STIs due to this inaccessibility and social proofing.


A digital campaign geared toward adolescents promoting sexual health and wellness. It will consist of a mobile application, social media and web banners, and informational videos.




The visuals and user interface for Global: Young and Bold are youthful, vibrant, and modern. I stepped away from the iconic pink and blue colors used to represent Planned Parenthood. Instead, I opted for more gender-neutral colors as sexual health information is vital to everyone. The target audience is people under the age of 25 years old.

Soleil was mostly used in creating Global: Young and Bold campaign. Poppins and Open Sans were used for the mobile application. Since this project exists in the digital realm, Soleil represents modernism and the future. It is loosely constructed to resemble geometric forms, which makes Soliel appear more fluid and unique. Poppins is also a geometric typeface that mimics a similar essence to Soliel. Open sans is well-known for its use and design for mobile devices.

Open Sans






Cutout Photo Graphic Style. Young people are featured in silhouetted photographs and placed on a blue, orange, or yellow solid color background. Short phrases are added to create the main visuals of the project. These visuals are used as a style guide to create social media banners and clips, fast fact web banners, a mobile application, and informational clips.


Representation is important. Having imagery of real-life older teens and young adults can make young people feel more secure and trust the information given to them. 

Language is a part of accessibility. Including a multilingual component further hones

the goal and purpose of this digital campaign.

Global: Young and Bold Multilingual Typographic Videos


With the right resources, I do see this project developing further beyond this foundation I designed. In the future, usability tests, interviews, eye-tracking, and additional user research methods will be conducted to gain user feedback on the Global: Young and Bold mobile application among my target audience. Once I gain that information, I will apply the results to future iterations of the mobile application to optimize the user experience. 


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