Manifest Destiny

The American History Trivia Board Game

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Game Design, Instructional Design, Packaging Design

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A board game designed to engage teens and children and help them learn more about American history. Designing this board game can help them gain a rich understanding of American History while they are having fun playing the game with their friends and family. 

This game is designed for up to 4 players. The main goal is to reach the center by answering the most questions correctly for the win. The questions are based on events in American History starting from 1607 to the present-day.




Learning about American history challenging for students because of the amount of information they have to learn. In schools, history may not be an engaging subject for students. As a result, some students may not grasp the content needed to understand the history and current events. 

Today, students are learning more about school subjects through games, whether it is online or in person. Board games are one exciting method for students to learn about subjects like American history without feeling overwhelmed or becoming disengaged by information overload.

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Manifest Destiny Game Cards


Increasing the level of engagement in teens and children when learning about American History


A board game designed for students, ages 8 and older, to help them learn about American history in an impactful and engaging manner. 


Manifest Destiny Game Board



Designing a Modern Colonial Style. The board game is designed with a modern take of the times 1607 - 1788. The mood is exciting, adventurous, and patriotic. Tones of red, white, and blue as well as stars are used to highlight the American Flag.


Visualizing while Exploring America's Timeline. The ornate graphic detail is used to reference the age of the United States and the length of its history. The map of America and the icon of the bald eagle are added graphics to complement the patriotic feel and symbolism of the game.

IM Fell DW Pica and Open Sans were used in designing the board game. IM Fell DW Pica reflects the feel of Colonial America and Open Sans bring in a more modern look.








Open Sans


Manifest Destiny Cards and Game Rules -

Manifest Destiny Game Rules


With the right resources, I do see this project developing further beyond this foundation I designed. Due to the global CO-VID 19 shutdown, I was not able to physically build this project and see how real-life players would interact with the game. 


In the future, usability tests, interviews, and user surveys will be conducted to gain user feedback on the Manifest Destiny board game. Once I gain that information, I will apply the results to future iterations of the game to optimize the user experience.


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