The Greeting Card Company

My Role

Visual Design, Mobile + Web Design, 

Branding + Identity, Greeting Card Design

Tools Used


For a collaboration project, my teammates and I created a card company with a logo that has multiple lines. We each had our own card line and equally contributed to developing the logo. Our card company is called Timeline because we had a decades theme.

Afterward, I expanded upon this project and added a mobile application and website components to transform this project into a branded e-commerce company.

Timeline App  Screenshots

Timeline App Prototype 



E-commerce is a growing industry in the online space. In order for any company to have longevity, having a virtual storefront is beneficial to attracting new customers. It allows them to make purchases from the comfort of their homes.


Since users are transitioning over to their smartphones to make purchases, the need for a website and mobile application is more crucial.


Timeline Website Prototype 


Timeline exists as a physical company entity and would like to expand its brand towards the online space.


A website and mobile component that engages users and helps customers shop for products

anywhere from the palm of their hand.

Providing the option to make purchases on smartphone devices. Designing an experience for smartphones can optimize users' interaction with the brand.


Timeline Website Screenshots



Modern, timeless, and lively. Variants of blue, yellow, and blue-grey were used in creating Timeline. Blue symbolizes integrity and trust, yellow symbolizes youth and vibrancy, and blue-grey symbolizes sophistication. 

Open Sans (body copy) and Damion (display headings) were typefaces used in creating the Timeline website and mobile application. While Open Sans provides readability, Damion brings in a personal touch to the brand's visuals.




Overall, expanding Timeline's e-commerce components to mobile is an exciting move given the current digital landscape. In the future, I would conduct usability tests, user email surveys, and additional user research methods to gain additional feedback on both the website and mobile application. Once I gain that information, I will apply it to future iterations to further optimize the overall experience for users. 


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