Urban Garden

Eating Fresh in the City that Never Sleeps

My Role

Visual Design, Mobile Design, Motion Graphics

Tools Used


I created UI design patterns with two color variations that were later used to make a mobile application for a fictional metropolitan farmer's market in New York City called Urban Garden.

The app was designed to connect users to local farmers in the metropolitan area and allow them to buy fresh meats and produce as well as other all-natural products.

Afterward, I expanded this project to include a 2D animation to advertise and promote the Urban Garden mobile application for users to download. 

Urban Garden App Prototype

Urban Garden Motion Graphics




Many cities are becoming "food deserts."  There are many fast-food chains and local stores in cities that sell low-price, unhealthy food products to the public.

Cities residents don't have quick access to fresh food. They have to drive to other neighboring towns to buy fresh foods. They may not be able to afford it because they earn a low income or they rely on government assistance programs to buy their necessities. It is even worse for the disabled and the elderly.

Connecting residents to farmers is beneficial. While I was a City Hall Intern in 2017, I learned about the need for farmer's markets and the process of creating one in urban cities. From there, I decided it can be beneficial to develop a system that allows users to connect with farmers during the market season and vice versa.



Many people are still living in "food desert" towns because they do not have enough resources to move out of these areas. What is available in supermarkets, fast food restaurants, and small local grocery stores is their only access to food.


A mobile application geared towards people living in metropolitan, "food desert" cities that enable them to connect with farmers during farmer's market season and have access to purchase fresh foods in their local area. 

Since New York City is the largest metropolitan area, it can serve as a starting point for this project that can later expand to other big cities like Newark, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.




Eating Fresh in the City that Never Sleeps. The visuals for the mobile app and 2D animation are fresh, natural, earthy, and lively. I opted to use green to symbolizes nature and yellow to reflect the vigor of bustling cities. 

Visualizing The Big Apple. The logo is designed to reflect the nature of New York City. The graffiti/chalk-like lettering signifies New York City's connection to street art and urban life. The imagery of a red apple with a cityscape inside refers to New York City's nickname, the "Big Apple." 

Staatliches is used for the logo. Fjalla One (headings) and Open Sans (body copy) were used in creating the app. Staatliches is a typeface based on the bold and modern nature of Bauhaus Typography, which reflects New York City as dynamic and progressive.

Both are also sans-serif used for their simple yet practical aspects.





Fjalla One


Open Sans




Some of Urban Garden Screens

UrbanGarden-SD – 1@2x.png


In the future, I would conduct usability tests, interviews, eye tracking, and focus groups to gain additional feedback on the Urban Garden mobile application. Once I gain that information, I will apply it to future iterations to further optimize the mobile application to users and enhance their experience on buying items and connecting with farmers. 


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