Wolf Moon

Cris Williamson

My Role

Identity, Branding, Merchandise Design, Image System

Tools Used


A re-crafted image system that reflects the music of Cris Williamson in her 1987 folk music album, “Wolf Moon.” Williamson is a feminist singer and songwriter who specializes in making women's music. Her discography incited change in the music industry to release music geared towards women and their experience. 



"Wolf Moon" has an 80s aesthetics that make the overall look and feel of the album appear dated. After listening to Williamson's tracklist, I wanted to highlight the surreal, feminine attributes of her music. Her sound has a jovial yet dreamlike rhythm. 



Developing a modern image system for an iconic album that maintains and reflects the cultural and musical integrity of the artist


An album re-design that embraces and reflects Cris Williamson and her music. The imagery will be extended to merchandise for Cris Williamson's fans as well as social media posts, streaming platforms, and billboards for advertising and promotion.




Since "Wolf Moon" has surreal, feminine attributes and the sound is jovial but dreamlike. I went with a photo surrealism approach by combining floral and sky imagery together. The sky starts with a warm color palette of pinks and reds to reflect femininity.


The flowers grow past the clouds and the moon is shaped a white rose; this design treatment acts as a double entendre to the title "Wolf Moon" because the moon is a part of nature and is traditionally associated with femininity and fertility.

Mr. Bedford (album title) and Quasimoda (artist's name and body copy) were the typefaces used in this project. The album title is an image to text overlay with floral imagery. Quasimoda was used to represent the delicate aspect of the album's lyrical content.


Colors and Fonts






Mr Bedfort


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